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4 wheeled osx

22nd January, 2003

Although a somewhat massive car, Honda has displayed a cool concept vehicle called Studio E which has a built in Macintosh running MacOS X! How cool is that. It also has a giant 42" plasma screen, audio mixing capabilities, a huge set of speakers and more. Only thing I'm missing featurewise is a connection to the net. I guess this will be common some day in one form or the other. I just hope they won't be running some mutant version of Windows by that time [Filling out the insurance form: "The car slid on the icy road, heading for the tree. As I tried to turn away from it, the entire windscreen blue-screened on me"...].

I finally bought the ticket to Cambodia today. So I guess it's really happening. I'll leave Denmark on the 1. of February bringing my new Canon Ixus v2 [deep link, no frames] and my Apple Pismo, so I hope to update now and then with images and adventurous news.

I'm still working on a GUI for that ASFRecorder mentioned earlier. It's proving a little difficult as I don't get _any_ output from the terminal command, making it difficult to know if all went good. Maybe I'll just make a GUI for mplayer that supports streaming untill I figure it out.

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