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15 Minutes of Fame

13th January, 2003

Yesterday the interview with me got broadcasted on national radio, a first for me, as part of a show called Harddisken. I really think the journalist, Carsten Nielsen, who interviewed me did a great job with editing the 45 minutes down to about 15. I'm proud to present it here in amazing Ogg Vorbis format, an open, free and very high-quality audio format, as well as mp3 for those who haven't got the ogg extensions installed yet. The .ogg encoded file is much smaller though. The interview is in danish, which makes it kind of ironic to write about it in english... I suppose I should reconsider my choice of language for this site.
I haven't talked to Danmarks Radio about putting part of the show online, but I'm only publishing the part where I'm being interviewed and besides I think I should have some copyright on the material too.

Listen to the interview in either Ogg [5.1 MB] or mp3 [7.4 MB].

Here's how I did it:

1. Recorded the .asf stream with ASFRecorder, which basically dumps the stream to my hard drive. It's the only application that will do that however. I had to get the source and compile it for MacOS X and I'm thinking of building a GUI around it. Let's see if I get it done.

2. I scoured the net for alternate, less graphical ways to convert the asf stream to something else, but the only thing I could make work was Audio Hijack, a neat application that'll put itself between any player and your speakers and let you record the sound to aiff.

3. Playing the asf stream with mplayer [go here for a MacOS X version with GUI] and recording it with Audio Hijack was easy. Mplayer is becoming my favorite media player as it supports almost any format, including Real Audio, Microsoft ASF and Quicktime Sørensen [it's the only player to support all three].

4. I edited the resulting aiff file with Sound Studio to only include the interview with me.

5. Finally I encoded the file with OggEnc and LAME.

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