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13th December, 2002

Incredible, spam just keeps increasing in volume. I have recieved the following spam 5 [that's right, FIVE ] times within 6 hours. I'm sure many others have seen this as well. I'm posting it here for [at least] two reasons:
1. They annoy me, but instead of getting angry I try to find something funny in them. Sometimes this can be very hard and then I really just want to send them a flamemail, a legal threat, track them down and wipe them out! Erh...got a little carried away.
2. I figure that some day it will become a nice little selection of waste of time and bandwith.
Besides, apparently the only thing that'll keep people from believing all this bullsh*t is if someone tells them that it's spam [not you of course :)]. Enough babbling on my part, here we go, spam #2:

From: Leanne Kogan [no more email addresses]
To: [my email, I don't wanna be spammed even more!]
Subject: New concept of giving for joakim

You have been approved.
Cash Grant Amount:
Did You Know?
-Each Year the U.S. Goverment Gives away BILLIONS in cash grants?
-There are No special requirements to obtain these grants.
-These are Free Cash Grants That you NEVER have to repay!

joakim,You Qualify!
Click Here
Limited Time Offer

I don't really know if Leanne Kogan really is the originator of this spam [yeah, and those 4 others who sent me the same mail], probably not, but I don't really care either.
The mail protocols needs to be updated to accept only mails from closed relay servers.

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