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Minor changes

1st September, 2002

I finally I got to changing the name of my stylesheet to .css instead of .php [I thought I could create it dynamically from php, but it only work in Netscape when the file ends in .css]. Things should look much better now on that browser [well, as supposed :)], and it is worth a look, now that Netscape 7 is out.
The desktop section is still broken and my time is spent elsewhere so the fix won't be imminent.

The updated counter will be moved into my new company, whitespace, and will be a paid service. The old counter.jokke.dk will still be available for free, even if development will stop. Things are beginning to look really nice and the initial beta tests have been very positive. As I refine the functionality and adds more features [such as multiple languages] the timeframe will slip a couple of weeks. I hope something will be online within 14 days.

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