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DMCA Alert

1st August, 2002

Damn, the DMCA [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] keeps proving what a bad law can do. The RIAA has used it extensively as well as MPAA. This time, it's HP, threatening SnoSoft with lawsuits for publishing security threats to HP's Tru64 Unix variant.
Read the story at CNET. One might say HP should have time to resolve the security issues and upload updates before this information is released to the public, but in my oppinion the point of the matter is two things:

1. That security threats are identified, made public and repaired.
2. That the DMCA is a very bad thing for the future evolution of technology.

I'd love comments, I'll even post them here for everyone to read, if you'd like.

If everything goes wrong and the code is banned from the rest of us, you can get the C-file here. We have the right to know.

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