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5th May, 2002

I hope you had a great first of May! I for one had a fantastic evening, drinking far too many beers with Sebastian and Tue!
After feeling weekendish the rest of the week, seeing this picture can make me say "wow, that's believable, I'll buy that membership right now!" (maybe not, but I took this picture, didn't I, that's what click-through is all about. hehe). It's just like saying "JOIN MSN-DOT-COM NOW! WE'LL BE YOUR HOME ON THE INTERNET!" very loud 50 times...(really, I didn't make up that punch line).
BTW: How do you like the banner that completely covers my graphics at the top of the page? Quite offensive I think. I'll remove it before May 22. Just make sure you click the link and support the fantastic netradios out there.

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