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To www or not to www...

5th April, 2002

I recently found this new site [in Danish only], advocating the view that webmasters should remove the www in their DNS setup. I agree that it's a waste of keypresses as we all know that it's a World Wide Web page we want. However, I do not agree with the view that the url with and without www should be two different pages [try going to http://www.fuckwww.dk/ and you'll get an error]. This makes no sense. When I hear of an internet address, it makes no difference to my understanding of it whether I hear www or not, it's the same page. Of course, not everything should go the same way - counter.jokke.dk is obviously not the same as jokke.dk.
While I'm glad someone is trying to get webmasters to set their dns'es to accept their domains without www, forbidding the three www's is as stupid as requiring them.
If you wish, you can join the discussion [in Danish] here [mail removed at the request of the webmaster of fuckwww.dk].

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