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Back in the loop

15th July, 2001

Being back in town with uplink and a booted powerbook I figured I'd better post something before it all turns to dust.

I've had a fabulous week with sun all day, trips to the beach and my favourite woman next to me. One of those summer weeks where every day is a sunday. I'm still looking for freelance work - anything design, whether print or web, html, php or mysql - to support my plan of getting into math again before the school starts in September. Let me know if you have a job for me at joakim@jokke.dk.

The counter still needs work as I have recieved quite a few suggestions for improvement as well as a bug report or two... I'll see if I can find the time and energy to get it done in this week. My other projects have suffered badly from me being alone in their development. Perhaps I will find new interest as Sebastian is in Copenhagen at the moment and might help me out. I just hope they will be in a somewhat presentable state sometime soon.

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