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Running in circles

30th June, 2001

I'm currently in the midst of quite a few
projects, none of which will be finished soon thanks to my perfectionism and general lack of
interest in being inside coding when the sun is shining. A new and much improved desktop
section will probably be the first thing to go online. The interval workings are up, except for
much needed error handling and format checking. Maybe I should just admit that my new god
is called Murphy and that his law is my guiding star when coding new stuff...
Anyway, the new structure should once again make it easier for me to upload new desktops [if
I ever get around to making them in the first place] as well as keep track of how many
downloads take place. As another feature, which should be more visible, it will feature several
desktops by one of my very best friends, Sebastian, who runs the always beautiful site
Amigabeats. Dapz to ya!

I did a poster for a small cafe in Copenhagen called Kunst&Farver [translates into Art&Colors]
which I'm rather pleased with. Expect to see a snapshot here as soon as the final design gets

My counter needs some retouching as well as more features, I'll be working on that too. Then
there's the backend requested by Sebastian for a site for some wwii airplane-simulator fans or
something and my old Linkubator-project. Also, I have some work to do for netcetera as well
as my beautiful girlfriend to take care of :)

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