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Why, oh why!

19th May, 2001

Arq, it's way too early for me to be awake. Amazingly, the sun is shining and it might just turn out to be a day worth living after all [hangovers and everything].

Anyway, I'm bouncing around MacOS X again, the latest update really made a difference. It's kinda usable on my sh*t-old mac, while I'm waiting for my wonderful powerbook to come back. The counter is coming along at a reasonable rate. Some day very soon, everybody will be able to enjoy the fun. [Very few have mailed me, though. Is there no interest in this out there?]

Although somewhat old news, everybody should head over to Apple and have a look at their new iBooks [they're really sleek], their new stores [dot-com land only] and see if there's any news on the gaming front. It appears that the gaming industry is really into mac these days. The mac platform would truly benefit from more games, especially for MacOS X. You should all let your next machine be a Mac and you'll be the next to have a computer running unix _and_ playing games on it too. That kicks.

Being such a nice guy, I'm gonna serve up this image of nonsense. That kinda wakes you up! I never realized how much fun .com could be in real life 'till now...

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