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Maybe they should just shut down...

23rd May, 2001

Today is the day of the annual Reboot event, a show for .com people who wants to know what some other .com people thinks about the net. Also, the much hyped and seriously overrated Reboot Awards will be held tonight and the list for this year is as dull as ever. Hurray, let's all celebrate!

Apart from that, the speakers might have something to say, though it's probably just more buzzwords for the tie-necks. Hm. I guess I'm not that thrilled about the whole thing. Anyway, the party afterwards is usually rather fun [HEY, some of the geeks are _chicks_!] and you always meet the usual once-logged-in-on-the-same-box-types.

I've done absolutely nothing on the counter the last couple of days. Nada. Zilch. I didn't even correct the spelling errors. I'm thinking about pulling the plug and put a link to it here, even in all it's awful lack-of-design-state. Should I?

Enough, gotta get to work.

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