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5th May, 2001

A quick [and needed] update on this sunny Saturday. My brother Stein and his friend Anders have finally completed a site for their joint programming efforts. Their 'company' is called Pixel and from there you can check out what they're really doing and download some of their cool programs, including their most prestigious project, a game called DirtBreakers. Go have a look and don't forget to send them a mail or two :)

Being blindingly busy, progress on the new counter is coming along at a rather dull pace. At this point I've got several key features up and running. I still need a lot of the backend redone and then tying all the pieces together. When the interface is finished, I'll be ready for launch. If you're interested in getting a fast, small counter on your site with tons of features, mail me at counter@jokke.dk and remember to include your suggestions while it's still in development.

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