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Oh yeS, X!

3rd April, 2001

Using MacOS X since March 24. has been challenging, exciting and frustrating. The new OS is indeed a major leap forward into the promising land of unix with a user friendly sky. It is clear now, however, that this first official release is just the beginning. Much needs to be done to improve speed, stability and useability, and Apple has in fact an update ready by the end of this week.

For those of you who don't have a mac, won't be upgrading right now or otherwise might be interested [which should be just about everyone], I have a few links that discuss the new beginning. >Ars Technica has an informative, non-biased article on the matter. MacAddict has a slew of links and macosx.org, macosxhints and osxfaq are invaluable when it comes to bugsquashing, tweaking and tuning.

Now run out and buy that mac! :)

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