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jokke.dk is the personal website of , a software architect, entrepeneur and Mac user living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Damn those timeflies!

17th April, 2001

Recently I've had little time left for updating this site. MacOS X first, then my two projects [yes, there are now two in progres] and now my daytime job requires a big effort on my part.

I'm still thinking about a better way to present the thoughts, links and projects on this site, especially since I'm not really interested in providing yet another personal-news-from-the-web-site. You will know what I want when I get my cv online, the design redone [and this time I'm not talking about the visuals. It's content layout time] and my sections up and running :)

I did a really cool logo for a festival held in Sweden. I hope to put it online some time soon.

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