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So much to be learned, so much to be done

28th March, 2001

Updates have been a bit slow lately. It feels as if I've got no sparetime at all anymore. Obviously this is just a halucination of mine.

I've been hacking around with MacOS X the past few days and will continue doing so for the remains of my earthly life. This will no doubt distract me from doing 'real' stuff like the development of the revolutionary project of Sebastian and I. I've ordered my pair of Focusing Glassesâ„¢ :/

There is also much to be done on this site, including redesign, searchable news section, more sections [as if I'll ever get to update them...], etc. That should be sufficient to keep me sweating through the summer.

Links for today is x'ish, here's some news/hack sites for those of you lucky enough to own a Mac: macosx.org and macosxhints.com. Note these and future links will not open in a new window.

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