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Ol'skool, yea!

3rd March, 2001

Just saw the awesome movie 'Tron' [have a look at IMDb] from 1982 with Jeff Bridges about the life inside a computer. The visuals are still amazing - in fact I think the ol'skool-look makes it even better. I just ordered my copy on dvd, hehe.

It just occurred to me that my whining about only having 6 gigs of space in my Powerbook is totally unnesessary as I can go out and buy a 20 gig Travelstar from IBM much cheaper than I thought. I guess I know what my next paycheck will be used for...

Still working on that cool new thing with Sebastian [we haven't figured out a buzzword yet...], hope to launch it soon. Also in the works are updated stuff on this site [i.e. more sections, better interface, downloads, etc.], some freelance work and of course NEXTbank, which is were I get my money :). Now I'll either go to bed or do some coding...

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