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11th February, 2001

This must be a world record. I almost managed to get the design finished, build it all up in html and do some really cool tricks with php in less than 24 hours. Of course, I haven't slept in those :)

Though the coolest stuff is invisible to visitors, it really saves time, enabling me to do more cool stuff and save even more time... eh... actually I might just end up using all my spare time coding new tricks, heh.

Anyway, the desktop section has been automated, reducing the steps required to add a new desktop from 5 to 1. Neat! The navigation system need some php, but I don't have the energi right now after 10 hours of straight coding. Tomorrow....maybe.

Let's see, links for today: go see the netradio section for some audible quality, improve your English at dictionary.com and spice up your life with mexican food at fooddeli.net. Weird choices...

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