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Ready, set....hold on

24th February, 2001

Last night I finally finished mocking with my scripts so that Sebastian will be able to put news on this site. Though the backend is working [sort of anyway], the frontend needs update as well to accomodate the changes. I'll finish this part while I'm at the redesign. The backend really needs a total rewrite, I might do this some time soon.

I just found this amazing dictionary of computers from 1970. The book has numerous words and informative explanations of some of the terms that were used back then. Of course, 'internet' isn't mentioned at all, but looking up the word 'modem' reveals that it's 'a device which enables data to be transmitted over long distances without error'. Funny, I seem to remember getting faults rather often when I used one such machine...

I found an article on what might become upgraded vision for everybody some day. Scientists at University of Rochester, New York are using technology from astronomy to make us see better. Have a peek here.

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