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Maps, part IV

15th February, 2001

Well, this map-thing has turned out to be much more diverse than I had first imagined. The past few days illustrate this.

Today I found yet another kind of map, a map [or rather several maps] of cyberspace, also known by the name of The Internet. The site has several different examples of how to look at information space and the relations in one such. It's fascinating and might one day evovle into something acutally useful, like new navigational ideas for browsing those massive databases out there. If nothing else, it's fun to get a 'physical' feeling on all the ip's and urls that keep filling up my head....


Wow! Realtime mapping!

This is sooo cool! Have a look at this java-applet as it traceroutes the net in realtime and builds a sort of floating/organic map with clickable info!


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