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Expanding the horizon

22nd February, 2001

Among the redesign and some cool, experimental stuff, I'm rewriting my webinterface so that my good friend Sebastian from amigabeats will be able to put news here as well. I know he has some really interesting things to say, when he gets to it that is...

Hopegully this will bring more updates, other views on the stuff that's going on 'out there' and make it even more fun for me.

I'm still contemplating [yeah right, wasting time is more likely :)] how to put a poll together and maybe even one of those fancy message boards. But hey, you people out there should really get out of the chair and mail me some comments on the site. What do you think of it? Come on, it's really not that hard, all you need to do is send an email, you know, one of those snappy little things.

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