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Excerpts from a day in my life

23rd February, 2001

Today I have a really cool link for you all. To quote the site, it's "...an ever-growing, pulsating database that moves through cyberspace like a death-borg...slowly collecting and assimilating information and nonsense until...until...until it knows all...". Acording to the creators, their goal is to store the totality of human knowledge and they're about 32% of the way by now. Go have a look at everything.

I've been using way too much time bying new clothing for the mortal part of my being, leaving less time to code and implement new features. Thus, the portal is not yet ready for Sebastian, nor is the new design ready. Man, why do I keep running out of time? Fortunately I don't spend much time gaming [though many of my friends keep telling me to], but those of you who do enjoy this kind of...er....activity should have a look at CorpNews. That'll be enough for today.

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